This site showcases the (mostly) digital work of Andrew DiFiore from both Virtual Arts Studios and answerYES Interactive as well as random thoughts and experimental projects too volatile to be contained anywhere else.

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    Pandora Free All Day Long!

    Just a quick note to say I really like Pandora and the Music Genome Project. Genious! It is exactly what radio should be — personal and immediate. And today I got the following email informing me that it is now free all day long!

    Pandora now has Unlimited Free Listening

    We’re emailing you because at some point in the past you hit the 40 hour monthly listening limit on Pandora. We’re excited to tell you that we’ve removed the monthly listening limit for Pandora. Starting now you can listen to Pandora as much as you’d like for FREE.

    Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

    Steve Jobs passed away today due to complications with pancreatic cancer. He was 56. Though not surprised by the news, I am sadden… as I’m sure most people are. He was (and remains) a source of inspiration for me, growing up in between baby boomers and Gen-Y (the last generation not born with an electronic device in their hands).

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    In celebration of their 25th Anniversary, the wholesale division of Metro Business Systems (leading  refurbisher of computer equipment and consumer electronics) wanted a site of their own that could be easily managed by the sales team. Built upon the Umbraco content management system, we created a configurable login based on “client type” so account managers only access the clients they are responsible for.

    This month’s Cool Tool is actually a set of SSL Certificate Tools from SSL Shopper that help webmasters and average Joes troubleshoot problems they may have installing SSL certificates (not like that ever happens). The SSL Checker, CSR Decoder, and Certificate Key Matcher all came in handy recently when trying to sync up the SSL Certificate issuer on a separate Web Server Host where the private key and CSR were generated. It was a big help and thought others would appreciate the convenience. The only limitation I’m aware of is that there is no validation of intermediate certificates. For this you might try Why No Padlock.

    Twitter Web Analytics

    Christopher Golda, founder of BackType (the company behind BackTweet acquired by Twitter in July) and new tech exec for Twitter, announced today the impending launch of Twitter Web Analytics (not to be confused with Twitter Advertiser Analytics) which will help people measure exactly how much traffic their tweets drive to their websites, including how effective that Tweet Button really is. Twitter Web Analytics is currently in beta for a select few but expected to be made available for free in a few weeks. On the whole, a welcome (albeit surprisingly belated) addition to the Twitter platform which has been struggling to stay relevant in the ever escalating battle for social media influence.

    For our clients (where we manage and monitor their social media channels) we have seen as much as 22% of site traffic come from Twitter. More impressive is that these visitors appeared to be of the desired demographic, spending more time engaged with content than the average visitor. Combine this with Facebook and StumbleUpon and you got a pretty hardy social media machine churning out qualified leads to your website. Of course, with social media it is all about content. Good original content. Twitter Web Analytics will be yet another tool in our tool chest for measuring social media ROI.