This site showcases the (mostly) digital work of Andrew DiFiore from both Virtual Arts Studios and answerYES Interactive as well as random thoughts and experimental projects too volatile to be contained anywhere else.

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    Everything connected to the Internet requires an IP address, a dotted quad number that looks something like this: This is the current Internet Protocol (IP) known as IPv4.

    Aside: given the vast number of new devices accessing the Internet, IPv4 is quickly running out of unique addresses and is likely to be replaced by IPv6 but that’s a topic for another post.

    When working with Internet Protocols it is sometimes handy to verify what your IP address is (e.g. proxy detection, connecting to a remote desktop, or troubleshooting with tech support). This is where this month’s Cool Tool comes in.

    What Is My IP Address not only reports back your actual IP address number but all the info associated with it such as city, state, country, and company name. Ever wonder how some websites “know” your location? This is how.

    What’s Behind Them Short URLs?

    Not too long ago I posted this post about URL shorteners and the potential hazards they may hide.

    Today, I stumbled upon this handy reverse URL site entitled plainly Where Does This Link Go.

    Created by open-source programmer Robert Greiner who gives away the source code at github. A handy little tool if you want to verify what that URL really links to before clicking it. With regard to his minimalist style, Robert cites he was inspired by Down For Everyone Or Just Me.

    Following CES 2012

    I know this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (where we all vicariously get a glimpse of the latest tech products straight from the bleeding edge) will be adequately covered by others but thought I’d list a few of the more reliable ones (actually at the show) so I can easily get my geek on.

    Of course, I can keep up with what’s trending on Twitter here or here.

    So when asked: Did you see LG’s groundbreaking 55-inch OLED HDTV?

    I can say: Yes. Yes I have. Thank you.

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    A Very Creepy Birthday, Chas

    Hey, it’s Charles “Chas” Addams’ 100th birthday today! Thanks for the reminder, Google. If you had missed the works of the celebrated New Yorker cartoonist and creator of The Addams Family at MoMA, you can find them here.

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    I’ve been looking for an accessory to carry all my (tech) accessories in (namely my iPad). Something stylish but practical. I found it in the iPag by Bone Collection (FruitShop International). Made of light-weight nylon or microfiber material with a soft lining that protects the tablet from scratches. It comes with an adjustable strap big enough to wear over the shoulder and a smaller inside pocket big enough to store a cell phone. Currently available in black, lime green, and hot pink. Retails around $70.