Inc’s 2013 list of the top 5000 fastest growing companies in the US  is now online and the top 3 fastest growing companies are:

  1. Fuhu – creators of the Nabi, an Android tablet for kids, and Fooz Kids, an Adobe Air application that “kiddifies” computers so children can become familiar with the Internet in a parent-controlled environment. Fuhu had an incredible 42,148% growth in revenue in the last 3 years, skyrocketing from $279,000 to $117.9 million.
  2. Federal Conference – handles all aspects of event planning for the US government. Federal Conference had a 24,831% growth in 3 years, from $199,056 to $49.6 million.
  3. The HCI Group – a health care IT consultancy that performs installations for EHR (electronic health records), validation, testing, launching, optimization, and ongoing support. The HCI Group had a 24,545% growth in 3 years, from $103,475 to $25.5 million.