(Molly) Anne Coogan came to me in a dream.

It is not what you think.

Actually, only her name was in my dream, printed on the back of an old LP album cover (LPs were how your parents used to listen to music).

Let me state for the record, I have very vivid dreams. It is not unusual I will remember a very specific detail like this.

I usually can figure out the connection to my waking life but, in this case, I never heard of or have ever known an Anne Coogan (full disclosure, the name Molly was not in the dream).

So, of course, I googled it and discovered this upcoming singer/songwriter attached to this lovely little song appropriately titled It Could Be. I say “appropriate” because the dream took place in the future, even though I was looking at an old LP cover (it made sense in the context of the dream).

According to Ms. Coogan’s website, this video was filmed in one take on June 6th, 2011, in New York City. You can hear more of her music on Bandcamp.

As for my dream, it actually had nothing to do with music or anything related to Anne Coogan. It was a small, seemingly irrelevant detail in a much broader dream sequence about rebuilding society after a cataclysmic event. I don’t know what it really means but I’m, nevertheless, thankful for the inspiration.