Industry Affiliations

At Arista, we take pride in all of our industry affiliations.

MCAA: Mechanical Contracting Association of America
Provides its 2300 members with high quality educational materials and programs to help them attain the highest level of managerial and technical expertise.

Stanley Berger - Immediate Past President, Executive Committee, Board of Directors

MCAA’s ALI: Advanced Leadership Institute
Develops crucial skills and resources needed to successfully lead organizations.

Scott Berger - ALI Graduate, Spring 2002, ALI Committee
Paul Caiola - ALI Graduate, Fall 2005
Craig Berger - ALI, Fall 2006

MSCA: Mechanical Service Contractors of America
Offers educational sessions, builds long lasting relationships, educates about products and services that can help run businesses more efficiently.

Stanley Berger - Past Chairman, Board of Managers
Scott Berger - Education Committee
Craig Berger - Service Projects Task Force

MSCA STAR: Mechanical Service Contractors of America – Star Qualified
A service excellence award. Qualified companies have demonstrated they offer commercial business and facilities customers unsurpassed support, quality workmanship and safe and reliable service.

Arista is proud to be a MSCA Star qualified contractor.

MCERF: Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation
Provides a solid foundation for the growth and success of the mechanical contracting industry.

Scott Berger - Trustee

MCA of New York: Mechanical Contracting Association of New York
Fosters the Mechanical and Sprinkler Contracting Industry in New York City and Long Island.

Stanley Berger - Member
Scott Berger - Insurance Task Force

The Service Fitters Promotional Fund
Allocated by Local Union No.638 Metal Trades Branch for the promotion and betterment of the service heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industry.

Stanley Berger - Trustee

IFMA: International Facility Management Association
Leads and sustains progress of the facility management profession.

Scott Berger - Co-chair Associate Council (Greater New York chapter), Board of Directors (Greater New York chapter)
Efrain Jalil - Member

ACCA: Air Conditioning Contractors of America
A federation of 60 state and local affiliated organizations representing the business, educational and policy interests of the nation’s HVAC and refrigeration contractors.

Scott Berger - Past President (Greater NY Chapter), Board of Directors (Greater NY Chapter), Co-chair baseball committee, Chair, Sponsorship Task Force

SFM: Society for Food Service Management
Enhances the ability of members to achieve career and business objectives in an ethical, responsible and professional climate.

Nick Tipert - Member

MBN: Metropolitan Business Network
Networks senior level business executives with diverse industry experience.

Scott Berger - Member
Efrain Jalil - Associate Member

HVAC Service Technicians Training Center
United Association training school offers a three-year program for technical education of field personnel in the HVAC/R industry.

Paul Caiola - Executive Committee