Company Happenings


We would like to acknowledge the following people for their long-time service to Arista:

Over 10 Years:    
Michael P. Vincent B. Stephen Y.
Alex G. Rosemarie B. Stephen B.
Mark G. Alan R. Scott B.
Dave R. Andrew S.  
Over 15 Years:    
Ann P. Howie S. Blair B.
Alan H. Jeane T. Clayton S.
Paul C. Yvette S-G. Desmond B.
Winston H.    
Over 20 Years:    
Alex W. Robert B. Ricardo T.
Bob S. Michael B.  
Over 25 Years:    
Brian T. Ralph C. Thomas R.
Hugo V. Florence F.  
Over 30 Years:    
Stanley B. Mark R.  
Over 40 Years:    
Albert B.    

Thanks for all of your hard work over the years!