It Takes a Team Like Arc Tec
To Get It Done Right the First Time

Given the scope, risks, and costs associated with large real estate development projects there is very little room for error. This is where Arc Tec excels; our highly skilled people draw on a long history of expertise. There is no learning curve.

Arc Tec offers a fully integrated, cross-disciplinary team, providing a single point of project responsibility, accountability, and communications to our clients. Our experience allows us to expedite the pre-development and actual development process, creating time and cost benefits without surprises.

The Arc Tec Team

Gene Boshes is the founder and senior partner of Arc Tec. He has served as a senior executive and consultant to Fortune 1000 companies for over 35 years, applying his skills and experience to evaluating and managing complex real estate and development projects. In addition, Gene served as the CEO of Environmental Research and Development, Inc., an integrated real estate, architectural, and construction company.

He holds a Masters in Economics from Hunter College and a Bachelors in Industrial Management from Syracuse University. He has completed programs in Appraisal Studies from NYU and Business Management from Harvard University.

Stephen F. McLaughlin has held senior executive positions with major national corporations in the hotel and resort development and marketing. Stephen was Senior Vice President for Days Inn where he created and implemented their national hotel development programs. He was head of Holiday Inn's North East USA division for hotel development and renovation, serving as the company's legal counselor.

Stephen was a senior partner with Meals and McLaughlin, specializing in commercial real estate and environmental law.

Stephen holds a Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Duke University Law School, a Master of Laws from Emory University School of Law, and a Bachelors in Economics from University of Oregon (Phi Beta Kappa).

Fred H. Frassinelli has served as a senior executive managing real estate development, property management, and real estate brokerage for family trusts and other consulting activities.

Fred is also president of AMS Real Estate, LLC , a company that provides owners and developers financial feasibility studies, market analysis, and site-specific planning. He assisted real estate entities in restructuring their finances and guiding them through the loan process.

He has a Masters in Real Estate from American University and a Bachelors in European History from George Washington University.

Robert S. Rubin has served as senior executive for Tishman Realty and assisted Harry Helmsley in marketing real estate holdings and projects

He has been involved in a number of large transactions in the New York metropolitan area. He has in-depth experience understanding and analyzing the real estate market.

He is an expert in architectural history and holds a Bachelors from Babson College.