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The Center for Addiction Studies and Research

The Center for Addiction Studies and Research is a Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing approved distance learning provider of education in the chemical dependency field. Distance learning hours are approved for Substance Abuse Counselor-in-Training (SACIT) certification hours, Substance Abuse Specialty Designation certification hours and SACIT, SAC and Substance Abuse Specialty Designation continuing education requirements.


Educational Requirements

Substance Abuse Counselor in Training (SACIT) 

The certified substance abuse counselor-in-training (SACIT) is an entry-level designation for substance abuse counselors in Wisconsin. The training certificate allows individuals to work under the supervision of an intermediate or independent clinical supervisor to gain the necessary experience and complete the required education to qualify for substance abuse counselor (SAC) certification.

Educational Requirements: Documentation of 100 hours of specialized education in the five performance domain content areas listed below:

Substance Abuse Assessment - 15 Clock Hours
Substance Abuse Counseling - 15 Clock Hours
Substance Abuse Case Management - 10 Clock Hours
Substance Abuse Education - 15 Clock Hours
Substance Abuse Professional Responsibility - 20 Clock Hours
Electives within the performance domains listed above - 25 Clock Hours

Substance Abuse Counselor in Training (SACIT) hours can be satisfied through the following educational courses:

Substance Abuse Assessment (15 Clock Hours)

Substance Abuse Counseling (15 Clock Hours)

Substance Abuse Case Management (10 Clock Hours)

Substance Abuse Education (15 Clock Hours)

Substance Abuse Professional Responsibility (20 Clock Hours)

The following courses contain content hours that are subdivided among more than one content area

Educational Requirements for Substance Abuse Specialty Designation

Must have graduated from an accredited school with a degree in professional counseling, marriage and family therapy, or licensed clinical social work.

Documentation of 180 hours of specialized addiction-specific education. Substance abuse education must include at least 45 education hours in psychopharmacology and 135 hours across the four knowledge domains of understanding addiction, application to practice, treatment knowledge and professional readiness.

Substance Abuse Specialty Designation hours can be satisfied through the following educational courses:

Pharmacology (45 Hour Minimum)

Knowledge Domains (135 Hour Minimum)

Understanding Addiction

Treatment Knowledge

Application to Practice

Professional Readiness

Continuing Education Requirements (SAC and Substance Abuse Specialty Designation)

Documentation of 40 hours every two years for all levels of certification.