How it Works

Cookin' Dinners provides everything you need to assemble a variety of delicious, healthy dinners to take home and serve in the days or weeks ahead. Don't waste time shoppin', choppin' and moppin'!

It is easy to get started!

Simply login (or register if this is your first time), preview our monthly menu, and select fabulous dinners featuring entrées such as Herb Crusted Flank and Citrus Ginger Salmon.

3 Ways to Great Dinners

  • You Assemble in Our Kitchen
    Attend a Meal Assembly Session where you put together your own dinners at our kitchen.
  • We Assmble, You Pick-Up
    Have us assemble your dinners for you to pick-up at the Cookin' Dinners Kitchen nearest you.
  • We Deliver to Your Door
    Sit back and we'll deliver right to your door.

It's that simple!