Cookin' Cash Fundraisers

The Cookin' Cash program is based on registration for Cookin' Dinners meal assembly sessions. Your organization will earn a $10 credit for every person who registers for a 6-dinner session* and $20 for each person who registers for a 12-dinner session*.

3 Ways to Raise Cookin' Cash

Schedule a time period for your promotion (we recommend four weeks). Have members of your organization register for Cookin' Dinners sessions during that time. After members arrive for their sessions and alert us of their participation, your organization will receive credit for their visit.

Book a private party for your group. Schedule one or more sessions for members of your organization and receive credit for their participation.

Purchase gift certificates individually.

How Cookin' Cash Works

  • Contact Cookin' Dinners to schedule a date or time frame for your fundraiser.
  • We will provide you with all the information you need to share with your group.
  • Your members can register for Cookin' Dinners sessions via our website, phone or email. Your organization will receive $10 for each 6-dinner session for 4-6 people ($5 for 6 dinner sessions for 2-3 people) and $20 for each 12-dinner session for 4-6 people ($10 for 12 dinner session for 1-3 people) that your members attend.
  • Cookin' Dinners will verify the registration of each participating member and write a check within 30 days after your fundraiser. For example, if 25 members of your organization participate in a 12-dinner session, Cookin' Dinners will donate $500 to your group.

* Based on dinners for 4 to 6 people