The Book

Shadows in My House of Sunshine has received much acclaim from media and the public. Emilie Betts' memoir spans her 85 years of rich experiences and her personal passage of adventures, challenges, joys and sorrows. Dating from the Pre-Depression years straight through September 11th, Shadows In My House of Sunshine links the author's experiences to this rich, diverse era. Living in twenty-nine different homes over the course of her life, the author relates her experiences with candor and openness. Each turn of the page reveals the true spirit and bravery of Ms. Betts' triumphs and troubles.

The readers of Shadows in My House of Sunshine agree that there is something for everyone to relate to personally in this book.

"A book that romps through the last century's history in the same way the fictional Forrest Gump did on film."
-- Stamford Advocate/Greenwich Times

"There is something for everyone in Shadow In My House of Sunshine."
-- The Hour

"Shadows in My House of Sunshine marvelously spans a period from the 1920s to her post-Sept. 11 life."
-- The Express Times

"I can't think of a better memoir."

"A great deal of honesty, sometimes an honesty that must have been painful for Betts to deal with."
-- Norwalk Citizen News

"A rich, historical personal passage"
-- Fairfield County Business Journal

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Emilie Betts is currently writing her next book, a novel. She lives in Rowayton, CT in a house of sunshine.