A place to be

WHEREVER I have gone I have found building my own nest to be one of life's most exhilarating experiences. Looking back on the many places that I have called home, I see old houses, new houses, double houses, single houses, farmhouses, houses at the seashore, houses in the country, apartments, rented rooms, even tents--all connected in some way to the one before. Every door I have walked through has opened other doors in my mind, pushing me into new territories, teaching me principles on which I could build my life. Interwoven in all these many places that I have lived, twenty-nine in all, was the underlying value of truth and love and the binding of family ties. It was not only where I lived, but how I lived that was most important.

We all need a place of our own where we can be--a place to express ourselves--a private place where we don't have to answer to society's whims. This place is the well from which we drink the waters of survival. It is the nurturing place for mind, body, and soul.

This place is called home.