Patricia Ordonez Sustainable Designs

Jacob's Cowboy Short-Sleeved Shirt

This shirt was designed by both PattyO and the client. He had purchased a yard of army print fabric but he was not sure what to do with it. With PattyO's consultation, he came up with a cowboy shirt design that incorporates hot pink stretch cotton and shoulder boards studded with metal stars, Then, PattyO turned his vision into reality.



Zigzag-Patched Jeans

The client had pairs of jeans with holes. Instead of using the old tried and true method of patches, PattyO closed the holes with zigzag stitch. This brings a revitalized fashion statement to the jeans.



Gold Kim Dress

For her stint as a mistress of ceremonies at a wedding, the client wanted a classy and formal dress. After several designs and meetings with client, PattyO produced this sleek gold satin dress fitted with a black chiffon sash.


Wrap Flared Dress

The client was expecting a baby. She wanted a dress she could use while pregnant - and afterwards. With PattyO's consultation, the client picked fuchsia cotton jersey fabric and designed a dress that can be wrapped around her body.


Sunny Dress

This dress went through several rounds of alterations - including having PattyO cut out and revamp the top section - resulting in a totally transformed, updated design.



The client wanted a sweeping and majestic shawl that would keep her warm. For her, PattyO produced a black cashmere shawl with a faux fur trimming. The faux fur balls were individually stitched and attached along the edge of the shawl.


Clothing for Dogs

For a couple's wedding, PattyO designed pieces for two dogs: a white collar, tie, and cuffs for the male dog and a top decorated with flowers and fitted with a tutu for the female dog.


Dragonfly Bag

Beautiful custom designed bag with hand made dragonfly motif.