Patricia Ordonez Sustainable Designs

McGee Suit

This funky suit was once an old 1980s suit with sleeves. The buttons were redone with intricate embroidery. The crochet knitted patterns made of flax-wool blend were then sewn onto the pants. A Christine Kim illustration added a personal touch to the outfit.


Allon Outfit

Crochet knitted cutouts made of flax-wool blend were added to this discarded 1990s suit.


Cropped Pants

These pleated 90s pants were cropped and re-embroidered with several crochet knitted patterns. The shirt was dyed and silk-screened with an illustration by Christine Kim.


Neck Scarf & Demin Pants

This cashmere-wool blend scarf was turned into a neck scarf. The forest green 90's suit pants were cut off at the hemline and re-embroidered with demin patches. The tie belt was created using fabric from the same demin pair.


Mixed Suit with Hood

Patches from an old jeans pair were sewn with wool-blend yams to this 90s pair of rayon stretch jersey pants.


Refreshed Tie & Folded Draping Pants

This old vintage tie was re-embroidered with round crochet knitted circular patterns which were handmade with flax-wool blend. The rayon stretch jersey pants were also tailored by folding in the fabric - which helped accentuate its casual look.