Patricia Ordonez Sustainable Designs

PattyO gives your old clothes a facelift; a makeover that adds personal touches and a whole new vibe. A pair of jeans can be transformed into a fashionable skirt. An old blouse can take on new life with detailed fabric sewn in.

Here are two examples of how PattyO can change your wardrobe:

Evening Gown

This long dress gown had sentimental value for its owner yet she no longer wore it. To allow her to keep the garment, PattyO turned it into a classy top with a stylized edge.



Oxford Shirt & Dress

This white Oxford shirt once belonged to the owner's father yet she did not know what to do with it. PattyO added fabric, shape and length to the garment to create a trendy sleeveless dress.

If you have any old clothes and you can visualize them being something else new, bring them to PattyO. The goal is to make you love what you already have hanging in your closet by adding a personal twist. Meetings will be arranged to discuss your vision, do drawings, and look over fabric options.