Patricia Ordonez Sustainable Designs

PattyO has been into fashion since childhood, sketching out new ideas for dresses, pouring over fashion magazines, and mixing and matching the clothing that she found in her own and others closets, and she attributes much of her success to the vibrant and colorful inspiration of her Colombian roots.

PattyO has professional degrees in the arts and fashion design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, Savannah College of Arts and Design, and Lenior-Rhyne College. She has worked as an art educator at a school for the deaf in New York City and costume design for several theater productions throughout the city. Her designs are guided by three underlying principles.

  1. Capturing natural beauty. Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way. PattyO seeks to find that beauty and incorporate it into her designs for clients. She spends personal time with each clients, discussing their needs and reviewing fabrics and designs, until she and the clients find the option that best enhances the client's personality and physicality.

  2. Sustaining and nurturing our environment.  We all are residents of and participants in our environment.  To promote improving and maintaining our living space, PattyO aims to re-use clothes and turn them into something that are still wearable and fashionable.  In addition, she strives to use eco-friendly products in her creations.

  3. Redefined Art.  Art exists in all forms and it can (and should) be recreated whenever it loses its allure. PattyO believes that this principle applies to clothing as well.  She helps clients reinvent their wardrobes, transforming old garments into striking new creations.  Even when working on brand new pieces, PattyO encourages her clients to incorporate their own fabric and items of personal importance for a look that expresses their own artistic identity.

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