Patricia Ordonez Sustainable Designs

Strapless A-Line Dress

This semi-formal dress was redone with re-embroidery that included using jeans flower patches. It can be also worn either as a casual dress or a long skirt.



Fitted Top

This cotton lyric blend maroon jersey knit top was turned into an elegant cropped top with flower patterns made from an old pair of jeans.


Demin Corset Belt

A corset-like strap made with fabrics from old jeans was designed and created for this dress.


Halter Top & Triangle-Flared Skirt

This classy outfit was created with gold silk blend knit fitted with a button at the bust line in the back.


Horizontal Strapless Dress

Wool-cotton blend knit fabric was used to produce this casual dress. An elastic gathering band was added each to the top and the bottom edge of the outfit.



Folded Pants & Halter Tie Top

This wool-cotton blend knit outfit cab be worn in different ways. The top ties can be worn around the neck or around the chest.


Super Low Cowl Halter Dress

This formal dress was made with silk soft sparking knit. The loosely fit fabric was selected to emphasize body sleekness.


Strapless Gathering Dress

A jeans-tie was made and added to this silk soft sparkling knit dress. The belt can be easily removed and replaced with various belts.


Evening Gown

For formal affairs, this dress was designed and created using nylon spandex lace stretch.



Oxford Dress

The white Oxford shirt which once belonged to the owner's father was turned into a classy sleeveless long dress.