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Communicating Your Message

The lack of basic writing skills is an increasing and troubling trend in the world of Internet communications. I am certain you see all too frequently the results of this writing illiteracy: poorly drafted correspondence, memos and reports.

The need for clarity and conciseness applies to all forms of writing and that is what I can provide. What is the point of your employees spending countless hours on an important report if the finished product does a bad job of communicating your message, either inside or outside your company?

Is that report filled with vague, ill-conceived phrases, sentences and paragraphs? Is there instance after instance where six or seven words will suffice instead of 16 or 17 words? Is there too much corporate-speak and not enough plain-speaking?

That's where I come in, by focusing and sharpening your written materials.

Corporate Rates

Rates may be negotiated on an hourly or per project basis.

Email me or call 203-461-8312 or 212-777-4624.

It doesn't cost anything to talk.

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