SATs and Writing!

More Than a Writing Coach

When I started Step Write Up two years ago, it was to help students become better writers. Parents asked me to tutor their kids for the SAT "verbal" section. I quickly realized it was a natural progression. Now I'm offering tutoring for the SATs as well.

I was teaching my students the basics of writing, as well as preparing them for the SAT essay. And those basics are essential for success on the SAT "verbal" section.

My Pledge to My Students

I taught young journalists for 25 years and now I'm doing the same for middle school and high school students. As a writing coach, I don't write papers, but I will help plan papers and guide a rewrite if it is needed. Work with me and your skills will improve, skills that will serve you throughout your life.

I promise you this: If you put in the work, you will see the results. Your SAT scores will improve, your grades will improve, and you will feel more confident about putting your well-organized thoughts down on paper.

Student Rates

Step Write Up assistance is provided at the rate $100 per hour. For a bundle of five (5) sessions, the cost is $425, or $85 per hour. All work is one-on-one.

Email me or call 203-461-8312 or 212-777-4624.

It doesn't cost anything to talk.

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