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Henry Hecht was my first mentor and his lessons have stayed with me to this day. My ability to write crisp, descriptive sentences is the result of Henry's coaching. I've never had a better editor.

-- Bob Klapisch, Baseball Columnist
The Bergen Record and ESPN.com

Henry Hecht's phone number appearing on your caller ID represents one of the most comforting things that can happen to a writer. It tells you that he's in the process of editing your story, that you're about to hear unfailingly good suggestions, and that your work will become better momentarily.

-- Chuck Culpepper, Newsday Columnist

I worked with Henry Hecht for three and a half years at Newsday, and time and again, my stories would emerge as improved products once Henry got through with them. Henry believes in functioning as a team with his writer. I would highly recommend Henry to anyone looking to be a better writer.

-- Ken Davidoff, Newsday Baseball Columnist

I worked with Henry Hecht for almost five years and no editor spent more time with me, or my stories, than Henry. He knows the business, he knows how to write, he knows how to make your writing better, and most important, he cares.

-- John Boell, New York Journalist

With 35 years of experience as both a newspaper reporter and editor, Henry Hecht knows writing. Henry will show you how to identify your style and give you the organizational tools to make it sing. I cannot count the number of times Henry helped me clarify and polish my work at Newsday. He is a master of the craft.

-- Barbara BaRker, Newsday SPORTSWRITER

It was my privilege, although I didn't know it at the time, to have Henry Hecht edit one of the first stories I wrote for Newsday. I quickly learned that brevity and clarity were NOT mutually exclusive. In fact, the two should go together more often than not. Henry made me a better writer as I learned something new every time he edited one of my pieces.

-- Erik Boland, NewSDAY SPORTsWRITER

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