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Chris Cassone, the heart of Treasure Hunt Adventures, has brought orienteering-based programs to the NY metro area since 1982. He developed the Treasure Hunt for Scouts who were having problems learning map skills. Soon, schools were asking for his multi-day sessions on interdisciplinary orienteering. In 1990 he produced his first corporate event for Pepsico and since then has led over 10,000 corporate leaders from over 35 Fortune 500 companies in team builders.

But it was his friendship with the late Bjorn Kjellstrom that inspired THA. Bjorn, who participated in the invention of the modern day liquid-filled compass and is called the "Father of American Orienteering," sent Chris to Sweden in 1991 to learn from the world's best in teaching navigation skills. In a National Geographic Society/Gallup Poll testing geographic awareness and skills in young adults in the industrialized nations, Sweden (who mandated Orienteering as part of its national curriculum) claimed first while the U.S., sadly, placed last. Chris learned from the "Swedish model" which teaches orienteering in a micro-to-macro way (class to campus to forest.)

He chalks up two huge successes to date. One was the town-wide school system-based "West Orange 2000 Family Treasure Hunt" in October 1999. Over 1500 parents and children searched with a map over a two week period for clues around the town that would make them eligible for the grand prize. In addition, Harvard Business School's Orientation Day which included 900 incoming MBA candidates set new standards in team building with such large numbers (see front page.)

An experienced facilitator, a nationally competitive orienteer, a video and music producer and an entertainer with a knack for pizzazz, Chris splits his time between his New York home and Los Angeles..

U.S. Orienteering Federation Member of the U.S. Orienteering Federation



Chris Cassone


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