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What is The Great Central Park
Treasure Hunt™?

A do-it-yourself map-based treasure hunt for families, schools, scouts, tourists... anyone with a sense of adventure.

Use a full-color orienteering map to navigate to the circled area and answer the 15 clues. After your answers spell out a secret message, go online to claim your treasure. There is TREASURE FOR EVERYONE!

From ages 8 to 88, all can enjoy Central Park like never before with this one-of-a-kind laminated twelve-panel map. Each map is individualized with its own serial number, which gives you exclusive access to additional hunts and other resources online.

The Hunt takes place in the southern portion of Central Park with no digging, no climbing, and no chance of getting lost. Hunters simply use the map to find spots where they can answer questions. Answer all fifteen to decode the secret phrase and treasure is yours! Actually, the treasure is everybody's as everyone who solves the secret message can earn their own treasure by submitting the correct secret phrase here online.

The Great Central Park Treasure Hunt offers millions of New Yorkers, including the hundreds of thousands of students that reside within a walk or subway ride, a fantastic adventure in geographic fun and awareness.

  1. Learn map skills
  2. Enjoy the Park like never before
  3. Interact with the Park's historical monuments
  4. Have a meaningful walk through the Park

Everybody Can Earn Treasure!

All who succeed at solving the park puzzle can receive a free Treasure Hunt Adventures Treasure Pack, including an "I Did It" patch.

You can also buy additional maps and other Treasure Hunt gear at The Great Central Park Shop.

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