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Executive Moms (4/8/05) trendy site for upscale mothers
USA Weekend (4/3/05) circ. 23 million, approx 51 million readers
Small Business Network (3/14/05) 20 minute webcast interview
New York Magazine (3/7/05) Kids Section

Press Releases

The Great Central Park Treasure Hunt (11/22/04)
New York's Crusade for Geographic Literacy (11/8/04)

National Geographic Education Foundation

The National Geographic - Roper 2002 Global Geographic Literacy Survey "shows what many of us already feared... that US young people came in 2nd to last in geographic literacy (just beating out Mexico) while Sweden, who mandated orienteering as part of their national curriculum, is first again. Shockingly, more US students can find the island of the last Survivor show than they can find Israel on a map."

Learn more at the National Geographic Society web site.




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