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The Treasure Hunt Adventure

Our marquee event is based on orienteering and takes place at conference centers, hotels or, for the truly adventurous, in the forest. Cooperative AND competitive. Everyone wins!

No one else has an event like this...with TRUE team building. The THA starts out as a competition but morphs into a cooperative endeavor as all teams must work together to find the key. To schedule your next event call us at 845-225-2539 or use our easy online request form.




Tabletop NASCAR

Part of the team must build a car out of Legos while the others design their "NASCAR" banner. Based on the Scouts' Pinewood Derby, cars race down a gravity track with a laser computer-aided finish line. Ladies and Gentlemen... Start Your Engines!

400 Wachovia executives race at the Richmond Convention Center




GPS Adventure

Groups use their innate abilities, individual skills and a beam from space to combine with the high tech challenges of the Global Positioning System, cell phones, maps, and hidden clues.

Customized for your group's goals, this High Tech Hunt will challenge creativity, intelligence, communication, and newly acquired skills while having fun. The GPS Adventure can be a competition between teams racing to determine the code to a locked attaché case and the location of a cache of valuable riches... or it can be designed as a group cooperative effort. We do big groups too.



Special Ops

Your teams use maps, GPS, paintball, and good ol' savvy in this covert simulation. Teams have to earn "microfilm" and decode clues at various stations around the conference center. Camo face paint is optional!




We started our business presenting orienteering programs to adventurous groups who wanted to test their resolve. This Scandinavian activity takes place in remote forests, local preserves or even sites such as New York’s Central Park. Using a topographical map and compass, teams hunt for flags and the fastest time. Can be genteel or rugged.





An interactive team-builder that encourages all to work together within their small teams, as well as within the larger company. The metaphor? "Delivering the product to the customer" could be one.




Portable Adventure Series

For small groups or large, these time-tested team challenges are still the standard for many. Inside or out and often called “low ropes courses,” they build upon many of the famous "project adventure" themes.




Let us help your group of strangers get familiar over breakfast, cocktails or whenever you need to break that ice.


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