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Corporate Events

George Washington Elementary School Staff Training
These teacher "in-service days" are very common and we have developed several programs that always hit home runs with them. This staff had two consecutive Wednesdays, after school, where we had a team-building treasure hunt first. The second day was "Pipeline" - eight teams had to build their own part of "mousetrap-rube goldberg" contraption. The object was to deliver the steel ball (the "product" this case, a well educated child) through each team's part of the pipeline.

School Events

Harvard Business School's Orientation Day for 900 incoming MBA students. With a staff of 23, we had 70 teams hunting around the Cambridge campus in a day-long activity that instilled camaraderie and school spirit.

At a recent multi-day workshop (supported by BOCES) at Lewisboro Elementary School, Chris reached 125 fifth graders. In three days (over three weeks) the students mastered enough orienteering skills to navigate through a one mile course at Pound Ridge Reservation. 

The weather wasn't too bad either... who cares if Eyewitness News couldn't make it? We made our own news!

Katonah Elementary School, 4th Grade Orienteering Field Trip to Pound Ridge Reservation - 81 super-charged 4th graders, five teachers and eight parents made this the BEST school trip yet.

Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls - 300 9th, 10th and 11th graders hunted around their beautiful campus for clues. Each class had one line of the final riddle. Kudos to Rabbi Zak for all his belief in us.

Carmel High School's Alternative HS - These young men and women exhibited more team effectiveness than some of our corporate clients as they "got it" and truly worked together to solve the problem.

Special Events

Village of Mamaroneck's Arts Council at Harbor Island - About 100 kids and parents turned out to hunt around beautiful Harbor Island Park...and they had to DIG in the sand to find the key!

West Orange 2000 Family Treasure Hunt - A two week hunt around town where parents and children hunted together for historical and cultural clues.

The town council, the school board and the PTA, all got on board to deliver a unique event. After finding and answering the town-wide clues, all gathered at the high school to get the next set of clues - around the school. All who succeeded got a chance at a stage full of prizes including a Pentium 3 Computer system. 1500 showed up in the rain (moved indoors to the gym and hallways).

The Chairscholars Festival. Dr. Hugo and Alicia Keim have had us down the last three years to Odessa (near Tampa,) Florida, to entertain these brave, young kids - all of whom have some major disability, mostly spinal trauma. If they promise to stay drug and crime free, they will get a college education. 1998 was our first year with Captain Flint and a Pirate treasure hunt. Last year, Indiana Jones led them on a hunt for clues around The Keim's accessible estate.

Orienteering Events

Chris organized press coverage for National Orienteering Day for the U.S. Orienteering Federation. Here, Monica Pellegrini of UPN-9 Sports (WWOR) interviews the Brautigam family at Eagle Rock Reservation in NJ. Joe and Pavlina are US Men's and Women's Champs.

Chris and Monica Pellegrini, Sports co-anchor at UPN-9, WWOR, with a very interested Evelyn Brautigam.

Party Events

Camps are perfect for treasure hunts. Chris leads 250 girls last summer at Camp Bryn Mahr, PA.


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