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Leading Your Team in the Right Direction

Treasure Hunt Adventures is now offering an exciting new activity, the Treasure Hunt for teambuilding conferences that fosters group effectiveness in a unique way. Based on the Scandinavian (and new Olympic) sport of Orienteering where individuals use a detailed map to find flags on the forest, The Treasure Hunt is driven by a custom-made map of your conference center.

The object is to find the key to the treasure-filled chest. The group soon realizes that the only way to accomplish this goal is to work together. The key, which is hidden somewhere on the property, can only be found by locating clues that are circled on their maps (a tree, a column, a statue, etc.) When assembled these clues will reveal a final riddle. The large group is divided into heterogeneous sub-groups each of whom has its own set of clues to find. Clues can be "trivial pursuit" and "Jeopardy" style questions. We can also add some questions about the company. Some clues can only be acquired when the group completes a "challenge" – a fun test of the team’s mettle. In turn, each sub-group’s immediate goal is assembling their part of the riddle. All sub-groups must work together in the final stage to find the key. The excitement builds as the entire group seeks out the key. And since all contributed to the search, all get a share of the treasure, which can be a token or memento of the seminar, possibly a T-shirt emblazoned with the current slogan of the team.

The activity can be made more physical or more cerebral depending on your needs. Typically, Treasure Hunts last several hours. However, some firms prefer a full day that centers around traditional orienteering in a local forest. While the activity is best suited out of doors, we can have alternate rain sites within your hotel or conference center.

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What is Orienteering?

Orienteering is a sport in which orienteers use an accurate, detailed map and a compass to find points in the landscape. It can be enjoyed as a walk in the woods or as a competitive sport.

A standard orienteering course consists of a start, a series of control sites that are marked by circles, connected by lines and numbered in the order they are to be visited, and a finish. The control site circles are centered around the feature that is to be found; this feature is also defined by control descriptions (sometimes called clues). On the ground, a control flag marks the location that the orienteer must visit.

To verify a visit, the orienteer uses a punch hanging next to the flag to mark his or her control card. Different punches make different patterns of holes in the paper.

The route between "controls" (refers to the flag or the site) is not specified, and is entirely up to the orienteer; this element of route choice and the ability to navigate through the forest are the essence of orienteering.

Most orienteering events use staggered starts to ensure that each orienteer has a chance to do his or her own navigating, but there are several other popular formats, including relays and events in which the orienteer must find as many controls as possible within a specified time.

O.MOV, the award-winning video of US Orienteering Federation''s Junior Team

To learn more about Orienteering visit:

Orienteering - All Welcome is the award-winning video that introduces the wonderful activity of Orienteering in an fun, intriguing and informative way. Available for purchase for $24.95 (plus shipping and handling) through our online request form or call us at 845-225-2539.


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