Okay. Not really. Not yet.

But this latest Web craze got a big bump last night when Stephen Colbert announced on his Comedy Central show that he was investing the remainder of his SuperPAC in the “cat breading” meme. Earlier, Jimmy Kimmel aired this “cat breading” PSA during his opening monologue.

With exposure like this, it is now only a matter of time before everyone from grandma to Katy Perry will be pushing their kitty’s puss through a slice of bread and uploading the photos to Facebook. And if that bread be Wonder Bread then it may just pull Hostess Brands out of Chapter 11. Scoff if you must but lets not forget the Diet Coke and Mentos Geyser craze of 2007. The video “experiments” that put EepyBird.com on the map and boost Mentos US sales by nearly 20% that year (the highest ever for the company at the time). And though Coca Cola was not too pleased initially, they came around to sponsor several of the videos and even promoted a competition for people to submit their own videos.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, “cat breading” is one of those bizarre Internet phenomenons that is so inane it is destined to become wildly viral. It began sometime last August but it really exploded recently after this article appeared on Gawker (where editor Adrian Chen explains how to actually “bread” your cat).

Now, here Kitty, Kitty…

{Ed. Note 2/23/12: I recently realized that the link to Jimmy Kimmel’s bit on cat breading has been redirecting to the top of the JML website even though the URL still reads http://abc.go.com/shows/jimmy-kimmel-live/video-detail/featured/cat-breading/pl_PL5520977/vd_VD55167911 leading many of you asking: WTF ABC? If we can’t trust you to keep your content put then there is really no point in linking at all. The old bait and switcheroo… thought I was buying albacore but got dolphin instead. I went looking for the PSA video elsewhere and it has indeed been pulled except on Hulu. For a moment, I thought ABC had succumbed to pressure from PETA or the feline mafia but no, it is just the terms of a content licensing agreement.}