This site showcases the (mostly) digital work of Andrew DiFiore from both Virtual Arts Studios and answerYES Interactive as well as random thoughts and experimental projects too volatile to be contained anywhere else.

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    Siri: Is that a Rhetorical Question?

    Thank you Anna Baskin of Ad Age, when I first saw the new Samuel L. Jackson TV ad for Apple’s iPhone 4S, I had the very same reaction. The ad makes interaction with Siri seem very colloquial and so I immediately tried it… verbatim (these commercials were carefully scripted).

    Overall, Siri does an okay job as long as you are, well, less colloquial.

    If I say it like Mr. Jackson, “she” sort of gets it right but words like risotto and gazpacho confuse “her” (maybe it’s my accent). But if I say, “Find stores that sell organic mushrooms,” no problem.

    To the statement, “You can take the night off,” Siri has several responses (all valid) but on my third attempt, she did say “If you say so.”  Pretty cool. Nothing elitist about it. But Apple should do a commercial like that… it would really get the Web abuzz.

    The first Facebook Marketer Conference will be held in NYC on February 29, 2012, but it is by invitation only. However, if your invite got lost in the mail, you can still catch some of the event real-time on the fMC website, including key presentations from Facebook’s global marketing solution team (i.e. Sheryl Sandberg, Chris Cox, and David Fischer).

    One of the hot features to be unveiled at the conference is Facebook Timeline for Brands. Timeline for individuals was introduced at F8 in September as a new profile page format which generates scrapbook-like collages of status updates, photos, and videos spanning user’s entire history on Facebook (watch video below). For brands, it is an opportunity to create a more intimate relationship with the user by “seamlessly” integrating with their daily lives.

    Timeline, along with Facebook’s other new feature Gestures, opens up the door to a more meaningful way for brands to interact with consumers. But just like the Photo Tagging Auto-Suggestion of last June it is a slippery slope, raising concerns over privacy and the perception that we are commercializing our most private moments. These things tend to be self-correcting though and can’t honestly fault companies for exploring new avenues of engagement. For now, it will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

    Originally created for print, two in a series of adverts done for tutor match-making company Tutoring Match can still be found on their website (which we also did).  Keeping it simple but clever.


    No real surprise. It was a close-matched game against two long-time East coast rivals. And the Giants win in the final quarter made for great TV.

    According to Nielsen TV, the game set a record 111.3 million viewers.

    But the bigger news are the record-breaking stats in the social media space with Bluefin Labs reporting over 12 million social media comments. In the final three minutes of the game Twitter reported an average of 10,000 tweets per second (peaking at 12,233). And, wow, no fail whale.

    This year every major Super Bowl advertiser had a Social TV component, from Coke’s cartoon Polar Bears to Clint Eastwood’s spot for Chrysler. Some faired better than others. Some probably would have faired better had they not released their ads online before the big game.

    Cory Bergman does an excellent rundown of all the worthy Social TV hooks over at Lost Remote. Check it out.

    Baby Inside is the follow up to Evian’s hugely successful Roller Babies video that not only went viral but was inducted into the Guinness World Records as the Most Viewed Online Video Advertisement (over 25 million as of 8/19/09).

    Both videos are part of the integrated Live Young campaign created by BETC Euro RSCG, Paris. It includes print ads, TV commercials, and social media.

    Watch the video above (best to keep your eye on the T-shirt to get the full effect of the dancing baby) and then participate by adding your own video clip to Evian’s “longest music video” at Let’s Baby Dance microsite (or via an iPhone App). I did.