This site showcases the (mostly) digital work of Andrew DiFiore from both Virtual Arts Studios and answerYES Interactive as well as random thoughts and experimental projects too volatile to be contained anywhere else.

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    I created this Flash-based fansite as homage to Krisin Kreuk, the lovely and talented actress and star of the very popular TV show Smallville. But it also served as the framework for the website of my friend and uniquely creative photographer Una Petrino. A bit of a labor of love in both cases but I employed a number of new Flash optimization techniques such a preloading photos from an external XML file.

    Now that it is done, I’m not planning to keep up with the content so enjoy it while it lasts.

    Converted my Flash 4  jigsaw puzzle to Flash MX 2004 using a multidimensional array to store puzzle pieces.  I also experimented with the little-known swapDepths method to control stacking order (depth) on both buttons and movie clips.

    A slight twist on the old drag and drop “dress up” style game using tattoos instead of clothing. In case you are wondering, tatau is the Tahitian word for “mark” from where we get our present day word tattoo.

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    I created this Flash game over a long weekend on a bit of a lark to see if I could generate enough revenue from the Dusty Brand Clothing affiliate program (they were paying out 4% on every tee purchased). The idea was to repeat the viral success I had with the Winky Tiki game and earn enough dough to pay for my hosting.

    Unfortunately, the company shuttered its “virtual” doors before the ball really got rolling (never got to do a proper viral seeding). The company was started by two business grad students from Bentley College as a school project. I read they made over $250,000 which goes to show you sex sells (not really).

    Nevertheless, the game was well received and for a few weeks it drove several thousand uniques to the website.

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    Passions Network is an online dating service that redefines social networking, consisting of  over 100 unique niche dating sites focusing on specific areas of interest, ALL FREE. For their newest niche Tattoo Passions, Passions Network wanted an “organic” way to spread the word as quickly as possible without a lot of spend.

    Our team came up with a low-budget viral marketing campaign featuring a Flash-based microsite called Dirty Dick’s Tattoos where visitors “ink” their own skin art and send them to friends as email messages. You have the option to make your masterpiece public so others can view and modify it. Promotion included email blasts to in-house lists, display ads placed throughout Passions’ existing dating sites, and viral seeding on social entertainment communities like College Humor, Kontraband, and Heavy. In addition, we did a special outreach to bloggers of tattoo-related sites.

    The Results: Over 2,500 messages shared within the first two weeks, exceeding expectations for conversion on the Passions Networks sites, not to mention an unprecedented level of brand engagement as users batted back and forth the tattoo messages in friendly competitions that often lasted for days.