This site showcases the (mostly) digital work of Andrew DiFiore from both Virtual Arts Studios and answerYES Interactive as well as random thoughts and experimental projects too volatile to be contained anywhere else.

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    It’s Christmas! Yeah! We made it through the holiday season with most of our sanity intact.

    A lot was accomplished in 2013: new product launches, client sites, mobile apps, even rescued a pup (now the official mascot of answerYES)… but we didn’t quite get to our annual holiday digital creation. So here is one we liked from the gang at Victors & Spoils, a Colorado Ad Agency based on crowdsourcing (see their Facebook App called Fan Machine to get an idea what that means).

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    Twitter Adds “Related Headlines” to Tweets

    It makes perfect sense; when it comes to breaking news, Twitter is the preeminent source around the globe. So why not capitalize on it by expropriating every newsworthy tweet to provide more in-depth information behind the tweet (whether the author wants it or not).

    This feature started on 8/19 of this year and only appears on the tweet’s permalink page on Twitter (not the embedded tweet itself). Basically, related headlines are backlinks to the websites that embed Twitter posts.

    Now some tweetheads are upset by this blatant intrusion of their content but the reality is (as it is for all things online), your content isn’t really your own. By dint of using the social media site, you give up any claim of ownership to your tweets. This is part of the model that is going to make Twitter money and it is only going to get more intrusive. For some, this is okay, for others, well, Twitter will know it has crossed the line when enough people stop using it.

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    By now, everybody has seen this music video by Robin Thicke Blurred Lines, featuring Pharrell Williams and T.I. Oh, yeah, also featuring models Emily Ratajkowski (@realemrata), Elle Evans (@elloelee_), and Jessi M’Bengue (@Jessimbengue) walking around naked. If you’re offended by nudity then suggest the earlier version or this Jimmy Fallon rendition.

    Despite being banned from YouTube for being too risqué (who knew YouTube was own by Disney) the video still went viral and the song skyrocketed to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. And Robin Thicke pinch hit for Daft Punk on the Stephen Colbert Report, effectively touted as the “song of the summer”.

    Robin Thicke recently told Howard Stern on The Howard Stern Show that the song was inspired by his wife Paula Patton.

    The song “Blurred Lines” has the line, “She’s a good girl, but she wants to be a bad girl,” it’s very much about my wife. My wife is Mrs. Good Girl. Gradually, over our marriage, I’ve turned her into a bad girl.

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    Terms and Conditions May Apply

    Trailer for the 80-minute documentary Terms and Conditions May Apply by Cullen Hoback of Hyrax Films. Read more about story behind the documentary on Ars Technica. A good read. A compelling film.

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    Google continues to help the digital marketer not just by offering tools and platforms for campaigns (e.g. Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google AdSense), but also by sharing most valuable findings, insights, and collective experiences. A treasure trove of customer behavior data.

    The internet giant (re)launches Think Insights, an online destination created as a hub for marketing trends “real time” intended to strengthen the marriage of advertising and web.

    Learn what’s new on A Guide to Google’s Think Insights by Jason Cormier at Search Engine Watch.

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