This site showcases the (mostly) digital work of Andrew DiFiore from both Virtual Arts Studios and answerYES Interactive as well as random thoughts and experimental projects too volatile to be contained anywhere else.

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    Converted my Flash 4  jigsaw puzzle to Flash MX 2004 using a multidimensional array to store puzzle pieces.  I also experimented with the little-known swapDepths method to control stacking order (depth) on both buttons and movie clips.

    A slight twist on the old drag and drop “dress up” style game using tattoos instead of clothing. In case you are wondering, tatau is the Tahitian word for “mark” from where we get our present day word tattoo.

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    I created this Flash game over a long weekend on a bit of a lark to see if I could generate enough revenue from the Dusty Brand Clothing affiliate program (they were paying out 4% on every tee purchased). The idea was to repeat the viral success I had with the Winky Tiki game and earn enough dough to pay for my hosting.

    Unfortunately, the company shuttered its “virtual” doors before the ball really got rolling (never got to do a proper viral seeding). The company was started by two business grad students from Bentley College as a school project. I read they made over $250,000 which goes to show you sex sells (not really).

    Nevertheless, the game was well received and for a few weeks it drove several thousand uniques to the website.

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    First cut of a Flash MX 2004 photo album/slideshow loosely based on the photo album template that comes with Flash but made it dynamic. You can place unlimited number of images inside a photos folder along with an album.xml in the album’s root, application imports the photos and XML file real-time.  This version limits photo dimensions to 640×480 but I do plan to change this in the next release. Note, Flash cannot read progressive JPEGs dynamically.

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