In honor of Earth Day, this month’s Cool Tool goes to Catalog Choice, a free online service that help consumers stop unwanted junk mail and help companies save money while respecting consumer choices. This, of course, helps Mother Earth by reducing unnecessary waste of natural resources.

Simply create a free account and opt-out of thousands of catalogs and mailings all at once. It is not just catalogs, you can opt-out of coupons, credit card offers, even phone books. Catalog Choice monitors over 19 million opt-out requests since the site launched in 2007 and according to the organization’s president Chuck Teller 90-95 percent of catalog companies honor the opt-out requests immediately. This is good news, given an estimated 19 billion catalogs are mailed out each year (that’s 53 millions trees to you and me).

For $20 a year, you can join Catalog Choice ‘s Premium Unlisting Service which removes your personal information from third-party marketing lists and personal search services.

So if you are getting way too much clutter in your mailbox, Catalog Choice may be the Cool Tool for you.