Early in my childhood I had a penchant for puzzles. All kinds of puzzles, from hidden pictures to cryptograms to crosswords (and had sudoku appeared in the Sunday paper back then, I probably would be a master by now).

These were the days before (gasp!) video games; although I would eventually come to own an Atari 2600 and think Adventure was the coolest thing on earth. I suppose my passion for puzzles drove, in part at least, my career into graphic design and computer programming.

Though I created all types of puzzles, by far my favorites were mazes. Not sure exactly why but I remember composing volumes of them.

But alas, with the encroachment of other responsibilities such as school, work, and family, making mazes took a backseat.

It would be 20 some odd years before I would pick up a pencil to sketch a maze again but in 2000 I did. This time though, I had an arsenal of multimedia tools at my command. For 3 months I banged out graphic and photorealistic mazes, sometimes doing 2 to 3 mazes a day.

I submitted 4 of them to Games Magazine — effectively the only international publication dedicated to puzzles for grown ups. They accepted all of them and I was officially published by September of that year.

A maze book is in the works but below are a few of the samples that I didn’t submit to Games. Solutions are included. They are in print ready PDFs (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader).