Ever since Larry and Sergey attended Burning Man 1998 Google’s homepage has featured random doodles of its logo. Over the years these little artistic expressions have added a splash of unexpected pleasure to the otherwise spartan search form.  You can read about the history on the official Google Doodle website. There have been over 700 doodles created by Google’s Chief Doodler Dennis Hwang and his team of Googlers.

This month, Google started a Doodle 4 Google contest aimed at children K-12 across the US asking them to represent what they would like to do someday in the form of a Google Doodle. You can vote on the 40 regional finalists now (open through May 13, 2011). The winner will receive a college scholarship and technology grant to the school of their choice as well as have their doodle featured on Google.com. So go vote and help a lucky kid get into college but be forewarn, some of these doodles are really good, it won’t be easy to decide.