Move over iTunes, Google Play has arrived, keeping all your apps, movies, music, and books on the cloud where they belong. Now you can save precious storage space and play (watch and read) any where, any time, on any device. Well, sort of any device, for iPhone or iPad you’re going to need a native iOS app (e.g. gMusic) but I imagine we will see more native iOS support soon.

Google announced earlier this month the new cloud-based service that consolidates Google Movies, Google Music, Google eBookstore, and the Android Market under one entertainment hub (Play even gets its own spot on the Google menu bar).

This is a big step forward in Google’s effort to dispel user concerns that offerings are too fragmented. Yes, indeed, they are fragmented, but the company has a plan to bring tighter integration via its social network Google+ while, at the same time, cutting deals with content prividers like Paramount.

On a related front, Google is waiving its $25 setup fee (from 3/27 through 4/3) to encourage musicians to set up a store page and sell their music on the Google Play Artist Hub. No annual fee and artist get to keep 70% of what they make, paid monthly.