Truly enjoy the works of Chris Milk but the Last Day Dream (a man watches his life pass before him) is one of my favorites because it is so simple yet poignant.

Produced for the 42 Second Dream Film Festival in 2009; I originally stumbled upon this video about a year ago. This is one of the things I love about the Web… I started out watching this Gnarls Barkley’s cover of Gone Daddy Gone (featuring a very sexy Nina Bergman looking all “girl next door”) on Vimeo, which in turn led me to this freaky little musical short Who’s Gonna Save My Soul, which in turn led me to Chris Milk’s Vimeo channel. But by the time I had the chance to post a link on this blog, Vimeo had taken the video down (not sure why). Fortunately, Chris recently uploaded it to his new YouTube channel.

Anyway, enjoy! And yes, that is Pauly Shore punching you in the face.