I always appreciate online holiday “cards” that push the tech envelope in simple and innovative ways. Producing holiday greetings is something of a tradition for creative agencies around the globe and industry pubs and blogs pick their favs (check out AdWeek/AdFreak Best and Worst Agency Holiday Cards of 2011 to get your Ho Ho Ho on). I suppose I’m contributing to the tradition by posting my favorite this year: Snowify.Me by the Boston-based ad agency Mullen.

Snowify.Me uses HTML5 Canvas to place snow and other graphic elements on top of Google Maps. According to Edward Boches’ (Chief Innovation Officer at Mullen), the whole thing came about from an accidental collaboration of company resources (he describes the organic process¬†on his blog). This idea does remind me a bit of Pop Art’s Holidize.Me from two years ago but it is still quite clever.

It is only too bad that Google doesn’t update its Street Views more often so you don’t see people walking around in shorts and Flip Flops but I guess that’s part of the fun.

So, when you get tired of elfing yourself (again), waste a few extra minutes snowifying the Google Street View of your home or office.