This site showcases the (mostly) digital work of Andrew DiFiore from both Virtual Arts Studios and answerYES Interactive as well as random thoughts and experimental projects too volatile to be contained anywhere else.

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    Since 1996, The Breast Cancer Alliance has been a major force for breast cancer research, education, and outreach. The nonprofit is the 4th largest private funding provider to breast cancer research in the United States, raising over a million dollars each year from grants and charitable events like the Annual Luncheon and Fashion Show (attended by over 800 contributors). We are happy to do our part for this incredible organization by donating our time to the upkeep and promotion of the official online home of The Breast Cancer Alliance.

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    As a subdivision of Treasure Hunt Adventures, The Great Central Park Treasure Hunt is a do-it-yourself map-based treasure hunt designed for families. You buy a full-color orienteering map to find clues that ultimately spell out a secret message for a treasure you claim online. This is the first of many City-based treasure hunts. In addition to expanding the existing website (did the parent site 9 months ago), I created a few banner ads and this in-site orienteering game.

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    Cheese Warehouse is one of the largest cheese importers in the northeast with over 1,200 different gourmet items, including 800 of the finest cheeses as well as pâtés, ham, sausages, crackers, spreads, olives, and hummus. For the summer (2005) the company was planning a gorilla marketing campaign for its new Normandie Brie Cheese that included (among other things) aerial advertising over the beaches of the Hamptons. They needed a self-managed website with streaming video support up and running in two weeks. With a little help from my friend Red Bull, here it is, ahead of schedule!

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    Darek Shapiro is a successful architect and a feng shui master. So when he approached me to do his website for Environmental Architecture, he absolutely had an opinion on the site’s design, layout, and color scheme. Most clients do but with Darek we were as concern about the site’s qi as much as the end-user’s experience. The result was one of the most aesthetically pleasing Flash sites I’ve created to date… and one very satisfied customer. I also wrote the copy and tagline Your Space Should Feel as Good as it Looks.

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    Ode to Washington Irving

    Since I have lived in the Hudson Valley area most of my life, reading Washington Irving’s stories had special meaning for me. Though works of fiction, the places were very much real; you get a sense what life was like along the Hudson River during those halcyon days of a young nation.

    Washington Irving was a great author — considered the first American man of letters and a not too shabby statesman — he is certainly one of my favorites. To that end, I pay homage by republishing two of his most celebrated stories: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle. Enjoy.

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