It seems that there is more and more yoga in my advertising these days.

Agencies have found a new tact in the “sex sells” ideology, using yoga to push anything from corn chips to smartphones.

For women, it is the immediate and visceral reaction to the strong, self-empowered feminine.

For men, there is nothing sexier than a fit women… sweating (Ron Harris understood this back in the 80s).

Casio G’zOne Commando

Hey, a little rough with that cell phone… good thing it is as tough as she is.


Whoa! Where can I learn to do that?

I’ve always said sex doesn’t sell, it gets your attention. Getting your attention, however, doesn’t mean you’re going to remember anything about the product if the “sex” has nothing to do with said product. For example, this Pão cu Manteiga commercial from Brazil (warning NSFW). Good for a chuckle but is this really the right message you want to convey for butter (would have liked to been a fly on the wall during that pitch).

Using sex in advertising requires balance. Be clever, relevant, and sexy.

In the ads above, both do it well but I have to give the edge to Equinox. A little voyeuristic given the sleeping “boyfriend” in the background but the camera angles keep it clean… watching Briohny Smyth do yoga in her underwear is like watching a performance artist.