Thank you Anna Baskin of Ad Age, when I first saw the new Samuel L. Jackson TV ad for Apple’s iPhone 4S, I had the very same reaction. The ad makes interaction with Siri seem very colloquial and so I immediately tried it… verbatim (these commercials were carefully scripted).

Overall, Siri does an okay job as long as you are, well, less colloquial.

If I say it like Mr. Jackson, “she” sort of gets it right but words like risotto and gazpacho confuse “her” (maybe it’s my accent). But if I say, “Find stores that sell organic mushrooms,” no problem.

To the statement, “You can take the night off,” Siri has several responses (all valid) but on my third attempt, she did say “If you say so.”  Pretty cool. Nothing elitist about it. But Apple should do a commercial like that… it would really get the Web abuzz.