Launched new CMS (ExpressionEngine) website for Framework:CR, a Wilton-based company that develops integrated sustainability strategies and initiatives for corporations.

{Ed. Note 6/30/09: As much as I think ExpressionEngine is a good, solid Content Management System, the learning curve can be steep for the non-technical or “casual” content manager. Also, installing these database-driven websites on shared hosting environments (typically not optimized for such things) can compromise performance and the last thing you or your client wants to be dealing with is getting GoDaddy (or similar host) to clean up their server’s load-balancing. This being the case for Framework:CR, the site has since been ported over to the new WordPress. With the new release of 3.0, WordPress has moved well beyond a simple blog package into a robust CMS platform. But more importantly, because WordPress is by far the most popular open-source publishing system online, most shared hosting companies are already optimized to use it.}

{Ed. Note 11/16/11: At the client’s request, removed all links to site or it’s archive.}