This site showcases the (mostly) digital work of Andrew DiFiore from both Virtual Arts Studios and answerYES Interactive as well as random thoughts and experimental projects too volatile to be contained anywhere else.

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    Today is the 100th anniversary of the crossword puzzle. Invented by British journalist Arthur Wynne and first published in the New York World on December 21, 1913. To celebrate the milestone, today’s Google Doodle is an interactive crossword, replete with a newspaper look and feel. When you complete the puzzle, a screen pops up with the answers along with your time.

    The Washington Post has an interesting article about the “making of” this Google Doodle that almost wasn’t.

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    YouTube Insights July 2013

    Sorry, John Stewart, but YouTube tops more viewers than Comedy Central in the most sought after age group of 18-34 year olds.

    The first of what Google promises to be a quarterly event, YouTube Insights brings you the latest statistics, trends, and insights on online video from across YouTube and Google. Download the entire report for free (and without giving up your email address) here. A very interesting read indeed.

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    Google continues to help the digital marketer not just by offering tools and platforms for campaigns (e.g. Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google AdSense), but also by sharing most valuable findings, insights, and collective experiences. A treasure trove of customer behavior data.

    The internet giant (re)launches Think Insights, an online destination created as a hub for marketing trends “real time” intended to strengthen the marriage of advertising and web.

    Learn what’s new on A Guide to Google’s Think Insights by Jason Cormier at Search Engine Watch.

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    Google Earth Eyes North Korea

    Now that North Korea has declared the US their “archenemy” (see Steve Colbert’s hilarious take on this), I guess it is a good thing Google Earth now enables every American citizen to keep a watchful eye on Kim Jong-un and the rest of Pyongyang. Here is a “secret” prison called Camp 22 recently revealed by Google Earth.

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    Cool Tool of the Month: Google Drive

    It goes without saying that Google offers up a lot of “cool tools” so it should not be surprising that any number of Google products qualify to be featured here. Some tools are better than others but Google as a company encourages its developers and engineers to experiment… and we “early adopters” benefit as informal beta testers. This has been a trend for many years. Innovate first, profit later, because you may not know just what you have until the crowdsource shows you the way.

    This month’s Cool Tool is Google Drive. With Google Drive you get up to 5 GB of disk space on Google’s cloud that can store any type of file. For $2.50 a month you can upgrade to 25 GB.

    Google Docs is now part of Google Drive so you can access your files anywhere, anytime, and share them and edit them with others in real time. That seems pretty cool.

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