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    It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than “Amercia”

    If I didn’t know better, it would seem this gaffe was contrived.

    After all, what better way to get non-Romney supporters to download the With Mitt iPhone (iPad) app and help the Republican presidential candidate go viral… even if it is at his own expense. It’s brilliant!

    Really hard to imagine no one throughout the production process never caught such an obvious typo. I guess this is what happens when you outsource tech overseas.

    By now v1.0.1 is available on the App Store but the old app still works. It doesn’t really matter, all the tweets and blog posts will have to run their course. There is even a Tumblr dedicated to the “Amercia Is With Mitt” meme.

    Okay, Keenan Cahill’s lip-syncing videos are just a little freaky but that’s why so many people watch them… and there is no arguing with success. Over 50 million views of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” (since August of 2010) has made BeenerKeeKee19952 not only an instant YouTube sensation but a hot viral commodity.

    Now with over 170 videos, the success is surreal.

    From the likes of Sean Kingston and 50 Cent to the casts of Glee and Nickelodeon’s Victorious, the teenager with MSP (a rare genetic disorder that affects physical and mental development) has stood next to more celebrities than Ryan Seacrest. He has even performed “Go NY Go” with Landry Fields and Andy Rautins of New York Knicks (along with the NY Knicks Cheerleaders).

    He has appeared on Chelsea Handler’s show Chelsea Lately, helped Jennifer Aniston go “viral” for Smartwater, and has his own Web series called Keenan’s Crush featuring the always sexy Jessica Uberuaga. And the endorsement deals keep rolling in… from Julianne Hough promoting her Footloose remake to Axe body spray to Me Undies (there is just nothing wrong with women dancing in their underwear).

    This is the power of the Web, unfettered, dreams can soar. Anyone can be a star. And if you’re an astute marketer paying attention to social media trends, get ready to hitch your wagon to the next Keenan Cahill and sit back (or should I say lean forward).

    To All the Ass-Hat Jocks…

    To celebrate the launch (4/2) of their new YouTube channel Geek & Sundry (itself a celebration of geek culture), the gang from The Guild made this new music video I’m the One That’s Cool written by Jed Whedon and Felicia Day.

    Oh, no. Don’t pretend I didn’t see
    You roll your eyes at my gaming tee
    Don’t know if you can read or if you’ve seen
    The sweet piece in this week’s Wired magazine
    The latest trend has hit its peak
    They say that geek’s becomin’ chic
    So now you’re out of style as you can be
    And I’m in vogue, so you can bite me

    To all the ass-hat jocks who beat me up in school
    Now I’m the one that’s cool
    I’m the one that’s cool
    To all the prom queen bitches thinking they still rule
    Now I’m the one that’s cool
    I’m the one that’s cool

    Try to cop my style but I’m the real thing
    While you played sports, I played Magic the Gathering
    See you pose a part of nerd society
    My Aquaman pajamas prove my pedigree
    Star Trek: Next Gen every night
    Wore a headgear to fix my overbite
    Your black-rimmed glasses are prescription free, where as me
    I literally can’t see my hand in front of my face

    To all the asshat jocks who beat me up in school
    Now I’m the one that’s cool
    I’m the one that’s cool
    To all the prom queen bitches thinking they still rule
    Now I’m the one that’s cool
    I’m the one that’s cool
    And to my eighth-grade crush who pushed me in the pool
    Now I’m the one that’s cool
    I’m the one that’s cool
    You may be tan and fit and rich but you’re a tool
    And I’m the one that’s cool
    I’m the one that’s cool

    Role reversal must be a total drag
    But there’s no point, no point for me to humblebrag
    I appreciate you for being cruel
    I’m burning bright thanks to your rejection fuel
    Got my in-jokes you won’t get
    Like Honey Badger, Troll Face and Nyan Cat
    So now your ballin’ parties seem so dumb
    You can Evite me, and I’ll say yes, but I won’t really come

    Got my comics
    Got my games
    All the things you thought were lame
    Got my cosplay
    Fanfic too
    Got you pegged
    STFU You

    This is a the third installment of music videos from The Guild, following Game On! and Do You Want to Date My Avatar.

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    “Cat Breading” Saves Wonder Bread!

    Okay. Not really. Not yet.

    But this latest Web craze got a big bump last night when Stephen Colbert announced on his Comedy Central show that he was investing the remainder of his SuperPAC in the “cat breading” meme. Earlier, Jimmy Kimmel aired this “cat breading” PSA during his opening monologue.

    With exposure like this, it is now only a matter of time before everyone from grandma to Katy Perry will be pushing their kitty’s puss through a slice of bread and uploading the photos to Facebook. And if that bread be Wonder Bread then it may just pull Hostess Brands out of Chapter 11. Scoff if you must but lets not forget the Diet Coke and Mentos Geyser craze of 2007. The video “experiments” that put on the map and boost Mentos US sales by nearly 20% that year (the highest ever for the company at the time). And though Coca Cola was not too pleased initially, they came around to sponsor several of the videos and even promoted a competition for people to submit their own videos.

    If you haven’t figured it out yet, “cat breading” is one of those bizarre Internet phenomenons that is so inane it is destined to become wildly viral. It began sometime last August but it really exploded recently after this article appeared on Gawker (where editor Adrian Chen explains how to actually “bread” your cat).

    Now, here Kitty, Kitty…

    {Ed. Note 2/23/12: I recently realized that the link to Jimmy Kimmel’s bit on cat breading has been redirecting to the top of the JML website even though the URL still reads leading many of you asking: WTF ABC? If we can’t trust you to keep your content put then there is really no point in linking at all. The old bait and switcheroo… thought I was buying albacore but got dolphin instead. I went looking for the PSA video elsewhere and it has indeed been pulled except on Hulu. For a moment, I thought ABC had succumbed to pressure from PETA or the feline mafia but no, it is just the terms of a content licensing agreement.}

    Super Sexy Ads

    Never really believed that sex sells unless what you’re selling is sex(y). It does get your attention though and if that’s the point of advertising then it wouldn’t matter much if the concept was high or low(brow).

    These videos for Fortnight Lingerie by Toronto-based ad agency Red Urban not only use sex effectively to raise awareness for a unknown underwear brand but created PSAs that teenage boys will actually pay attention too. In addition to the videos below, there are other “goodies” to be had at the Super Sexy CPR microsite.

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