When I first heard Lily Allen it was “LDN” and I thought: Okay, ska punk. It would be a couple of years later, with the release of “The Fear” off her second studio album It’s Not Me, It’s You, that I became a true fan.  The entire album is great and it shows just how much she has grown as an artist.

Be warn, Lily Allen is not for all earbuds. Some (most) of her lyrics touch upon a variety of sociopolitical, sociosexual themes with irreverence and vulgarity that is the entitlement of the young. Boy, does that make me sound like an ostentatious old dude (depending whom you ask, I’m not).

Good music is good music but if that sort of thing is too much then consider Adele, another great up-and-coming singer-songwriter breaking out of London’s alternative music scene (I think we’re witnessing a new British invasion) but her lyrics and her style are much more soulful (think Amy Winehouse without the rehab).