Nowadays is seems that the best way for new music to reach the masses is to be featured in a TV commercial. Especially a commercial as well-crafted as Heineken’s The Entrance featuring The Asteroids Galaxy Tour (yes, the entire band is actually in the commercial). The song is called The Golden Age from the band’s debut album Fruit. The cute blonde in the slinky black dress is lead singer Mette Lindberg. The creative agency is Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam which hired Frederik Bon to direct the commercial as well as 13 short films that elaborate on the different characters (e.g. Big In Wonderland). Originally, these shorts were only available on Heineken’s Facebook page where you had to Like each one to view them.

Not since Apple’s Get a Mac campaign (featuring John Hodgman as PC and Justin Long as Mac) have I paused to watch a TV commercial (though the original T-Mobile 4G commercial comes to mind but that was more for Carly Foulkes than it being a clever knock-off of Apple’s).

I have not seen the sales numbers yet but it is clear that the Open Your World campaign has successfully reinvigorated the beer label while at the same time help make a little-known Danish pop band an international sensation.