This music video is actually an interactive game. The game is about delivering a message. And just like the misprinted title of Marshall McLuhan’s 1967 bestseller, the “massage” can change if you’re not careful.

The video and the game were created by New York- Tokyo-based creative agency Party for the single release Bell by Japanese rock band, androp (Party also did this video for the band’s previous single Bright Siren). Listeners get to be part of the music video as they play the game.

Type in a message to create an animal (which varies from a rabbit to an elephant depending on the number of words). Using the space bar and arrow keys, try to avoid obstacles that come at you to the beat of the music.

Each time you hit into an obstacle, a letter of your message changes. You’re challenge is to make sure your message stays intact to the end of the song. Then you can send the message and the game played to your friends as a music video.

Brilliant concept all around. Nicely illustrated and well executed. Reminds me a bit of The Polyphonic Spree’s The Quest for the Rest by Amanita Design.