The Presbyterian AIDS Network (PAN) came into existence in 1989 by the Presbyterian Church to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and help people who felt isolated within the church because they were infected and/or affected by this disease. PAN has two main ways of accomplishing its work. First, by networking with others throughout the country, connecting people doing HIV/AIDS ministry. Second, by providing resources for education, worship, and pastoral care; by providing information through conferences, workshops, and new media.

Though not a member of the Presbyterian Church, I was asked to donate my time in creating the official PAN website due to my past work with nonprofits. At least once a year, I will offer up my services to a worthy cause pro bono. Since I have friends and colleagues whom have been affected by this terrible disease, I didn’t have to think long when PAN asked for help.

{Ed. Note 5/3/08: It appears that PAN has run its course and the site was recently removed. Actually, updates ceased sometime in 2005 so most likely the domain name expired and has been released back into the wild.}