I had discovered the beautifully violent, sexually-charged sci-fi animated series Akumi some time ago. I got hooked and couldn’t wait for the next installment. But there was no next installment. All the videos got pulled from YouTube and the parent website eventually shut down. I just assumed Disney tapped the animators to do a Miltonius retelling of Dumbo.

For no particular reason, I decided to Google “Akumi” and learned that Akumi is a district in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. But then I learned the team has been busy working on AdventureQuest Worlds, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Moreover, the team (now calling themselves Miltonius Arts) is planning to resume work on Akumi (but judging from their drunken podcast, it could still be awhile). If you’re not familiar, here is a taste.