It makes perfect sense; when it comes to breaking news, Twitter is the preeminent source around the globe. So why not capitalize on it by expropriating every newsworthy tweet to provide more in-depth information behind the tweet (whether the author wants it or not).

This feature started on 8/19 of this year and only appears on the tweet’s permalink page on Twitter (not the embedded tweet itself). Basically, related headlines are backlinks to the websites that embed Twitter posts.

Now some tweetheads are upset by this blatant intrusion of their content but the reality is (as it is for all things online), your content isn’t really your own. By dint of using the social media site, you give up any claim of ownership to your tweets. This is part of the model that is going to make Twitter money and it is only going to get more intrusive. For some, this is okay, for others, well, Twitter will know it has crossed the line when enough people stop using it.